We offer companies a year-long online development program for their women employees.

Our founding

Women face specific challenges at the workplace, but often receive little support in navigating them.

Being interrupted in meetings, not having mentors & sponsors, being passed over for promotions—millions of women go through these experiences feeling alone in their struggles.

Women also tend to hold themselves back in a lot of ways—doubting their abilities, being self-critical and holding themselves to impossible standards.

We knew this needed to change, and change NOW. And that’s how Rekindle was born.

Designing the program

Traditional development programs don’t address women employees’ specific needs.

So we brought together experts in behavioral science, gender stereotypes and competence development with top academic and corporate experience.

Together, we’ve developed a program specifically designed to help women perform at their best in the workplace.

Our track record

We focus on impact. Our women participants say the program has changed how they talk to themselves and how they show up at work, and in life!

Hundreds of women employees use Rekindle everyday, from California to Brisbane. We have worked with companies in various industries—from Oil & Gas to FMCG.

The program is customized to every individual’s specific needs and challenges. Women with backgrounds in engineering & science, law, finance, sales, supply chain and HR have all found the program to be very relatable and immensely valuable–-and we are excited about growing this list every day!

Our mission

To help companies discover and develop their women talent.

Gender diversity improves financial performance. Engaging women employees better allows a company to tap high-performers in 50% of the population. Women have unique strengths they bring to the table.

Our purpose is to rekindle women’s careers and bring out the best in them!

How we believe change works

Image credit: Carl Richards

Not from reading best-sellers. Not from three-day seminars.

Change is a gradual process. That’s why Rekindle is structured over 12 months covering 26 modules, each focused on a specific skill or mindset change.

By focusing on one change at a time, and practicing it in a variety of situations, our participants have demonstrated dramatic transformation. Over time.

I thought working hard would get me promoted. And I got frustrated when I didn’t see that happening.

After starting Rekindle, I’m discovering how to use my strengths as a woman leader to stand out and get noticed.

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