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Read on to discover our secret sauce: behavior changes through neuroscience.

What holds women back at the workplace?

“Men perceived that women lacked confidence at meetings. Majority of women said that performing in meetings was a significant issue for them.”

“While underqualified and underprepared men leap forward, overqualified and overprepared women hide in the shadows, doubting their abilities, holding themselves to an impossible standard of perfection.” – Christine Lagarde

“Women tend to promote themselves and their successes less than men”

“The guy on my left thinks he’s awesome, and so does the one on my right. If I don’t think I am and promote it, I’m behind.” – Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Acquire the skills you’ll need to progress

Take Charge Of Your Career

Build Confidence

Get Mentors & Sponsors

Use The Body Language Of A Winner

Negotiate Effectively

Talk About Your Achievements

Negotiate For A Pay Raise

Talk Like A Leader

Unlock Your Priorities & Motivation

Contribute In Meetings

Step Out Of The Comfort Zone

Your Appearance Speaks Volumes

Manage The Pressure To Be Perfect

Network For Success

Make Decisions Effectively

Take Risks

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Delegate For Success

Manage The Desire To Please

Coach Your Team Like A Leader

Take Care Of Yourself

Manage Stress

Manage Your Boss

Act Like You Count

Manage Time Effectively

Your Impact On The Next Generation

Celebrate Your Progress

Why Rekindle works

1. We focus on taking action.

Change doesn’t happen from reading best-sellers or from 3 day seminars.

Change is a gradual process. That’s why Rekindle is structured over 12 months covering 26 modules, each focused on a specific skill or mindset change.

By focusing on one change at a time, and practicing it in a variety of situations, our participants have demonstrated dramatic transformations. Over time.

2. We use neuroscience techniques.

We’ve all read books and attended workshops that left us feeling: “Yes, I should speak up! I should believe in myself!” But the inspiration usually doesn’t last for long.


It’s because how we act and think are deep-rooted – we’ve developed them over years. To unlearn them, we need to systematically rewire our brains. This is what Rekindle does.

14 day trial.

“Rekindle is my daily powerhouse! I’m addicted to it!”

“I feel more confident speaking up. I now watch my tendency to be a perfectionist. And I’m kinder to myself when I make mistakes.”

– SRH, Chicago

“I realized that I was apologizing all the time for no reason. I’ve become more assertive in my body language and have learnt that being uncomfortable is important for growth.”

– SH, London

“I’ve become a lot clearer about how I can grow in my job & my career aspirations. It has helped me (a) become more proactive, and (b) speak up more at work.”

– AC, San Mateo

“I have become more aware of my way of working – my strengths & weaknesses. I’ve realized that I can do better and be happier.”

– RLT, Boston

Our participants work with some of the top companies

3 reasons to choose Rekindle

Made by women, for women

Rekindle has been developed by women, for women. We understand your challenges as a working woman better than anyone else.

Only 5 minutes a day

You literally have no free time. Not after Covid-19. We get it. That’s why we designed Rekindle to only take 5 minutes a day.

Do it anytime, anywhere

Over your morning coffee, for a great start to your day. Or earn your social media time by first spending 5 minutes on Rekindle.

We work with hundreds of women (like you)

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