You have the power to change society

[s3mvp id=’301′] Have you ever told a friend “You need to ask your partner to share the household chores equally. You’ll burn out trying to keep up with your office work and do everything at home. Plus, it’s not really fair!” Only to have her say “You’re right. But this is not how our society … Read more

Talk about your achievements

[s3mvp id=’191′] As women, we’re taught all through our childhood to be modest and humble. “Don’t brag about yourself. It’s distasteful and makes you look arrogant.” Over the years, we train ourselves not to make a big deal of our achievements. In fact, we even learn to downplay ourselves to make others feel more comfortable. “Yeah, I’m … Read more

Win mentors and sponsors

[s3mvp id=’318′] Ellen is lucky to be one of the few women to be picked for her company’s official mentoring program. Ellen is excited, and reaches out to her assigned mentor, Chris. Chris replies to her two weeks later, and they agree to have an introductory call to get to know each other. But the … Read more

Little You needs you

[s3mvp id=’175′] Here’s a typical day for Anna and, let’s say, little Anna. No, Anna is not pregnant. Little Anna is Anna’s inner self sitting inside Anna. Anna makes scrambled eggs for breakfast. Her partner and kids serve themselves. Before Anna gets to breakfast, her child asks for another serving of egg. Anna gladly gives … Read more

Your opinion matters

[s3mvp id=’48’] Paula’s boss calls for an emergency meeting. There’s been a technical incident at the factory. Everyone’s bouncing off ideas on how to fix the situation. Some ideas seem complex. Others sound technically unfeasible. In the middle of the discussion, Paula thinks of a simple solution. But she pauses. In her mind, she swings … Read more

The system needs your inputs

[s3mvp id=’204′] Consider how a job opening is filled in two different scenarios. Scenario A One fine day, a role X opens up at company Y. The HR team gets on the job to find a suitable candidate. They get into the system and look for all the employees with the right fit. They look … Read more

Powerful body language projects confidence

[s3mvp id=’14’] Research shows that when we speak, only 7% of our impact comes from the actual words we speak.  What makes up the other 93%? Our nonverbal communication! Our facial expressions, gestures, voice tone, posture, movements, etc.   Why does this happen?  Because our words are processed by the cognitive part of the listener’s brains. But … Read more

You have more power than you realize!

I want to share an email I recently received from a woman who has been working for 15 years with an industrial company, and is currently the Maintenance Manager for her unit. Here goes: Dear Rekindle, Thank you for your thought-provoking insights. I feel like you really get the challenges working women go through. But … Read more

The Price of Being Nice

For the longest time, I was the nicest person you could meet. I was delegated baby-sitting duties before I even turned 10. I was expected to always compromise with my older sister. Boys in college talked about how I was too nice to be true. And when I joined work, my new colleagues chuckled about … Read more